Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board

Below you will see two lists:

  1. Bulletin Board Postings shows drafts currently available for consultation/comment. As a minimum or unless otherwise noted, drafts will be available for comment to staff for at least 10 working days. Draft documents should not be construed as approved documents nor relied upon in any way.
  2. Recent Approvals displays policies, procedures, manuals and guidelines that have recently been approved and/or came into effect in the last two months.

NOTE: Protected Document indicates that a document is only available for comment to select individuals (e.g. select staff, staffing groups, service types, advisory group members). A password will be needed to access these documents. Passwords are issued by the policy author.

Feedback on existing documents may be provided at any time directly to the relevant Enquiries Contact or Implementation Officer. Contact details are recorded on the 'Status and Details' page.


Bulletin Board Postings

Document Title Date Due for Comment Document Author
There are no postings to display.

Recent Approvals

Document Title Status Effective Date
Gifts and Benefits Policy Current 17th June 2024
Electrical Safety Procedure Current 7th June 2024
Fixed Assets Policy and Procedure Current 27th May 2024
Donations and Gifts Acceptance Policy Current 15th May 2024
Timetable Procedure Current 10th May 2024
Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination Policy Current 8th May 2024
Market Loading Allowance Policy and Procedure Current 8th May 2024
Secondment Policy and Procedure Current 30th April 2024
Higher Education Course Accreditation Procedure Current 24th April 2024
Annual Course Review Procedure Current 24th April 2024
Enrolment Policy Current 24th April 2024